Traditional Performing Arts Past and Present

From “Gagaku” and “Bugaku” that the Heian nobles loved, Noh that has been inherited from the Middle Ages, to “Nihonbuyo” traditional Japanese dance that was born in the early modern period will be performed bravely with “Chikuzen biwa”.

The history of Japanese physical expression will be spelled out by a storyteller at Yarai Noh Theater, a stage that represents Kagurazaka.

May 22 (Sat.) 5:30PM-

Reigakusha (“Gagaku” ancient court music)
Ko no kai (“Nihonbuyo” Traditional Japanese dance) × Ju no kai (“Chikuzen biwa” Five-stringed Japanese lute)
Kanze Kyuko Kai / Kanze Yoshimasa (Noh)
Kanda Orine (Navigator)
Cyril Coppini (Navigator)

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Introduction Video from last year