Multicultural Live Performance

The possibilities of Japanese traditional music are expanded widely in Kagurazaka.

World’s bowed string instruments centered on “Kokyu”, “Kagurabue” Japanese flute and African music, “Tsugaru shamisen”, “Shakuhachi” and Jazz piano, drums, and collaboration with contemporary dance.

We will entertain you with the super sessions of multicultural fusion.

May 23 (Sun.) 1:30PM-

Cross‐cultural strings / Kiba daisuke (“Kokyu” Japanese fiddle) × Shen Lin × (“Erhu” Chinese fiddle) × Yordan Markov (Gadulka) × Hirayama Orie (Cello) × Tateiwa Junzo (Percussion)
Akiyoshi Sara (Japanese flute) × Ousmane Diedhiou (Balafone) × Lamine Sall (African percussion)
*Lamine Sall will perform on behalf of Latyr Sy who was planning to.
Oyama Yutaka (Tsugaru shamisen) × Kominato Akihisa (“Shakuhachi” Bamboo flute) × Kuribayashi Sumire (Piano) × Fukumori Yasushi (Drums)
Mademoiselle Cinema (Contemporary dance)
Cyril Coppini (Navigator)

Day 1

Day 2

Introduction Video from last year